The Aidi, also known as the Berber dog, is a large and muscular breed originating from Morocco. They are known for their loyalty, intelligence, and protective nature, making them excellent guard dogs. Aidis have a thick double coat that helps protect them from harsh weather conditions.

Dog Breed Name
Breed Group
Guardian Group
Alternative Names
Atlas Mountain Dog, Berber Dog, Chien de l’Atlas
Suitable Weather
Moderate to cool temperatures with low humidity.
Avg. Weight
55-88 pounds
Avg. Height
22-26 inches
Life Expectancy
10-12 years
Coat Color
White, fawn, grey, or black
Coat Type
Double coat
Shedding Frequency
2-3 days
Activity Level
Dog Cost


The Aidi, also known as the Atlas Mountain Dog, is a breed native to the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. They were originally bred by the Berber people to protect livestock from predators such as wolves and jackals. The Aidi is a loyal and courageous breed with a strong protective instinct, making them excellent guard dogs.


Aidi dogs are known for their strong protective instincts, making them excellent guard dogs.

They are a highly intelligent and independent breed, making them easy to train but also requiring consistent leadership.

Aidi dogs have a strong prey drive and are natural hunters, making them well-suited for outdoor activities like hiking and tracking.

They have a thick double coat that provides protection from harsh weather conditions, making them well-adapted to colder climates.


The Aidi is a medium to large-sized breed of dog known for its muscular build and strong appearance. They typically weigh between 50-55 pounds and stand at a height of 21-24 inches at the shoulder. The Aidi has a thick double coat that is usually white, black, or brown in color, with a bushy tail and erect ears. They have a noble and dignified presence, making them an impressive sight to behold.

Avg. Height

22-26 inches

Avg. Weight

55-80 pounds

Avg. Lifespan

10-12 years

Personality & Behaviour

The Aidi is a loyal and protective breed known for their strong guarding instincts. They are intelligent and independent, making them excellent watchdogs. Aidis are wary of strangers and will not hesitate to defend their family and territory. They are also known for their endurance and agility, making them well-suited for outdoor activities.

Despite their protective nature, Aidis are gentle and affectionate with their families, making them great companions for those who can provide them with proper training and socialization.


Affection Level

Cat Friendly

Child Friendly

Stranger Friendly

Apartment Friendly

Health Issues

Social Needs


Compatibility with Children
Good with Children
Compatibility with other Dogs
Good with Other Dogs
Compatibility with Strangers
Requires Careful Supervision
Moderate Playful
Highly Protective
Trainability Level
Highly Trainable
Energy Level
Barking Level
Need of Exercise

Compatibility with Children

The Aidi is a loyal and protective breed that can be compatible with children when properly socialized and trained. They are known for their strong bond with their family and their natural instinct to protect them. However, due to their independent nature, they may not always be the most playful or patient with young children.

It is important to supervise interactions between Aidi dogs and children to ensure both parties are safe and comfortable. With proper training and socialization, the Aidi can make a great companion for families with older children.

Compatibility with other Pets

The Aidi is known to be a friendly and sociable breed that generally gets along well with other pets. They have a strong pack mentality and can form close bonds with other animals in the household. However, they may exhibit some territorial behavior, especially towards unfamiliar animals.

Proper socialization and training from an early age can help ensure that the Aidi is compatible with other pets in the home. Overall, with the right introductions and supervision, the Aidi can coexist peacefully with other animals.

Best Compatible Dogs with Aidi

1. German Shepherd
2. Belgian Malinois
3. Rottweiler
4. Doberman Pinscher
5. Boxer

Care Requirements

The Aidi is a large and powerful breed that requires regular exercise to stay healthy and happy. They need a moderate amount of daily exercise, such as long walks or playtime in a secure yard. Adequate mental stimulation is also important for this intelligent breed, so puzzle toys or training sessions are recommended.

Aidi’s thick double coat requires regular grooming to prevent matting and keep shedding under control. Additionally, they thrive on positive reinforcement training methods and benefit from a consistent and firm but gentle hand in training.

Monthly Maintenance Cost

The Aidi is a large and robust dog breed that requires regular grooming and exercise to maintain their health and well-being. Monthly maintenance costs for an Aidi may vary depending on factors such as location, size, and age of the dog. Here is a breakdown of potential monthly expenses for an Aidi:

  • Food: $50-$100
  • Grooming: $30-$50
  • Veterinary care: $50-$100
  • Training classes: $50-$100
  • Toys and treats: $20-$50

Overall, the monthly maintenance cost for an Aidi can range from $200 to $400.


The Aidi, also known as the Atlas Mountain Dog, is a breed of dog that originated in Morocco. As with any breed, there are certain health precautions and common health issues that owners should be aware of in order to keep their Aidi healthy and happy.

Health Precautions:

  1. Regular veterinary check-ups to monitor overall health and detect any potential issues early on.
  2. Proper nutrition and exercise to maintain a healthy weight and prevent obesity.
  3. Regular grooming to prevent skin issues and maintain a healthy coat.
  4. Providing a safe and comfortable living environment to prevent injuries and accidents.

Common Health Issues:

  1. Hip dysplasia: a genetic condition that can lead to arthritis and mobility issues.
  2. Bloat: a serious condition that can be life-threatening if not treated promptly.
  3. Allergies: Aidis may be prone to skin allergies and food sensitivities.
  4. Eye problems: such as cataracts or progressive retinal atrophy.


  1. Providing a balanced diet and regular exercise to maintain a healthy weight.
  2. Keeping up with regular veterinary check-ups and vaccinations.
  3. Providing a safe and comfortable living environment.
  4. Regular grooming and dental care to prevent skin and oral health issues.

Food & Feeding

The Aidi, also known as the Berber dog, is a breed that originated in North Africa and is known for its loyalty, intelligence, and protective nature. When it comes to feeding an Aidi, it is important to provide them with a high-quality diet that is rich in protein and nutrients to support their active lifestyle.

The best food for an Aidi is a balanced diet that includes a mix of protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals. It is recommended to feed them a diet that is specifically formulated for medium to large breed dogs to ensure they are getting the right nutrients for their size and activity level. Some good options include high-quality dry kibble, wet food, or a combination of both.

In terms of quantity, an Aidi typically requires around 2-3 cups of food per day, depending on their size, age, and activity level. It is important to monitor their weight and adjust their portion sizes accordingly to prevent obesity or undernourishment.

Feeding timings for an Aidi can vary, but it is generally recommended to feed them twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. This helps to maintain their energy levels throughout the day and prevents them from becoming too hungry between meals. It is also important to provide them with fresh water at all times to keep them hydrated.

Fun Facts About Aidi

The Aidi, also known as the Atlas Mountain Dog, is a breed of dog that originated in Morocco and was traditionally used as a livestock guardian and protector of the home.

Aidis are known for their loyalty and protective nature, making them excellent guard dogs for families and properties.

This breed is known for its strong prey drive and high energy levels, so they require regular exercise and mental stimulation to keep them happy and healthy.

Aidis have a thick double coat that helps protect them from the harsh weather conditions of the Atlas Mountains, where they were originally bred.

Despite their protective instincts, Aidis are also known to be affectionate and loving towards their families, making them great companions for active households.


The average cost of an Aidi dog breed ranges from $500 to $1500. However, prices can vary based on factors such as breeder reputation, bloodline, and location. Some Aidis may be priced higher if they come from champion bloodlines or have specific traits.

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